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1 October, 2014



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Gumball Fall offers players a fun physics-based twist on the Match Three genre. The goal is simple: Help Frank collect gumballs that have spilled after his gumball machine goes bonkers. We all know how match three works, and, to an extent, Gumball Fall isn't too different. However, there are a few things that make it unique. (1) Five distinct game modes - To not overwhelm the player, two of the modes offer what most folks expect from a match three game: Grids of gumballs to collect. Things get more interesting with the remaining three modes. Throwing caution to the wind, these three modes place the player into a physics-based romp where the sweets drop wherever they please leaving the player to sort through the mess. (2) Match Two - Unlike most games in this genre, Gumball Fall allows the player to create groups of two or more similar gumballs. This feature gives young players or players new to video games a more forgiving introduction to the genre while giving gaming veterans more opportunities to set themselves up for creating large groups. And, as one might guess, creating large groups releases special gumballs with larger groups netting more awesome bonuses. (3) Procedurally Generated Boards - With five game modes and randomized game boards, Gumball Fall offers an endlessly unique game experience. Finally, to sweeten the deal further, Daily Challenge games along with Leaderboards and over 25 Achievements backed by Google Play Games give players the opportunity to brag to their friends, family or even the whole world about who's really the best of the best.


Gumball Fall is the second game created by software industry veteran Chris Kraszewski, a.k.a FussenKuh Software. With limited time, resources and budget, Gumball Fall's scope had to be kept in check. This allowed FussenKuh Software to concentrate on refining its development pipeline while ensuring that the game was sufficiently balanced and polished. While there were plenty of design decisons regarding touch controls, game modes, difficulty, leaderboards and achievements to make, one adage proved true: Making the guts of a game is easy; balancing, polishing, and marketing a game is the real challenge.


  • 5 unique game modes
  • Participate in unique Daily Challenges
  • Climb to the top of the Worldwide or Social Leaderboards
  • Unlock over 25 achievements
  • Randomized gumball drops means a unique experience every time you play
  • Multiple gumball color schemes. Use the one that's right for you


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Selected Articles

  • "Gumball Fall is the Bomb. You will get addicted to this game! It is a must download!"
    - Patrick Winters, Google Play Review
  • "What really got me playing this app was the achievements and leader boards. I've got a competitive nature so if I know there's an in achievement to be unlocked by getting a certain score then I'm going to try my hardest to obtain it."
    - Lara, NoATechReview

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FussenKuh Software is a one man studio creating worlds from the comfort of the couch.

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Gumball Fall Credits

Chris Kraszewski
Software Development, art, audio, tools... pretty much everthing and the kitchen sink ;)

Andrea, Barb, Brad, Bryan, Dave, Ed, Jeff, Henry, Mark, Martinique, Mike, Nick, Patrick
Beta Testers

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